Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Where is God calling us at the Friday Night Community?

What an amazing team of regular volunteers we have at the Friday Night Community.  So blessed to know each of you and to work alongside such selfless, generous and dedicated servants.  As we reflect on where we have been and where we are going, we look back to our vision.  "A community that nurtures one another through God's love."  This nurturing comes when we meet physical needs of food, lunch snacks and clothing, spiritual needs through prayer and worship, as well as emotional needs when we form relationships and care for one another.

Through the blessings of shared friendships, serving alongside others and eating a delicious meal, there are always challenges.  These may include conflict with others, frustration with people's behaviors, the inability or knowledge of how to support or help others, dinner routines that just don't seem to be working, or even cramped working quarters with increased numbers of people.  We continue to strive to shift and change as challenges are presented, and value your thoughts and ideas on how best to do that.  Most recently after some juggling of freezers and fridges, we were able to open up the small window to the kitchen for dirty dish intake.  This separates the food distribution from dirty dishes coming in, and allows for better organization in the kitchen.  We are so blessed that a men's small group just built us our very own shed which will now house the BBQ, corn pots, theme bins, rotating toys for children's area and any large donations that come in.

All of you bring gifts and confidence to many areas of Friday Night Community.  It is amazing to see volunteers bringing others on board and welcoming them into new serving roles.  One of our biggest areas of personal growth comes when we share our gifts with others, guide and support and then step aside and watch them flourish.  Although we might be faster and more efficient in getting the job done, when we encourage and walk alongside others they gain a feeling of worthiness, and in return they feel empowered and a part of something bigger.  Thank you for your willingness to partner and work alongside others who come in our doors on Friday nights.  Our door is always open to new friends that you may know who want to share their gifts and resources and be part of a team.
Contact Lisa at fnc@wsquare.ca